The Process
This process was developed to be fluid. Even though the list is laid out in a order it doesn't mean it has to be rigid. All projects are aligned with Kirkpatricks 4 levels of Evaluation.
Identify the needs and wants
     During this process of information gathering it is important to understand the clients actual project. This can vary as the conversation continues. Identify how the ROI will be established.
Conduct survey, interview and questionnaire
Analyze the data/Develop report
     This information is than analyzed and returned to the client to insure that what we understand is exactly what the client is looking for. 
Chunk out the program
Outline the program
Review with the client, discuss the variety of media that can be used and establish a budget.
With the budget established, lay out frame work for client.
Gather list of SMEs and appropriate documents to build lesson/s
Once the lesson is in a format that can be reviewed, review with the client.
Make appropriate changes, review documents with SMEs and Clients.
Review and make final adjustments.
Package lesson as per clients request (Power Point, LMS, PDF etc.)

Mind Mapping, laying out a project for Diversity and Inclusion

Mind Mapping, developing a project

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